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Gen x Content creator out of California. As a ​Professional IFBB Bikini Pro, I enjoy anything health ​& Fitness, but create energetic, scroll-stopping ​content for TikTok, Instagram, and ALL Social Media ​Platforms that will help your brand stand out.

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Hilton Garden Hotel ​(Palmdale, CA)

Are you in need of Media Content for ​your business ..... investing in User ​generated content will exude an inviting ​experience one could have, while at ​YOUR business.

Whether your a restaurant, Salon, hotel, ​or ANY Business that provides a service, ​I will produce stunning relatable content ​of your establishment and surrounding ​attractions.

Top Golf

(Phoenix, AZ)


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Hey there, I'm Shammara, a 48-year-old content creator hailing from California. I specialize in crafting content that resonates with everyone. My expertise spans across fitness, beauty, tech, and travel. I prefer not to confine myself to a single category because I believe in exploring all niches to truly understand and enjoy them. As a Fitness Trainer and professional IFBB Bikini Competitor, I've been creating content long before it became a popular trend.

Through my social media platforms, I share my life experiences, valuable life hacks, product recommendations, and tips on beauty and fitness with my followers. My goal is to inspire them to live their best lives, regardless of their age. Whether it's testimonials, demonstrations, and reviewing the latest skincare products, creating detailed informative content to build brand awareness, or even acting out trending skits and reels, I embody organic high energy on a daily basis. Look no further, I’m that girl who will spotlight your vision.

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- Sham


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