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I create engaging, energetic, and scroll-stopping content for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Social Media Platforms that will help your brand stand out.

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Hilton Garden Hotel (Palmdale, CA)

Are you in need of Media Content for your business ..... investing in User generated content will exude an inviting experience one could have, while at YOUR business.

Whether your a restaurant, Salon, hotel, or ANY Business that provides a service, I will produce stunning relatable content of your establishment and surrounding attractions.

Top Golf

(Phoenix, AZ)


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Hello, my name is Shammara a 48 year young content creator out of California. I specialize in creating content that resonates to ALL. My passion for expertise includes fitness, beauty, tech and travel. I don't like to categorize myself, because I believe exploring in all niches. How else can you determine if you ENJOY it. I'm a Fitness Trainer and professional IFBB Bikini Competitor and have been creating content before Ive known it was “ a thing”.

Through my social media channels, I share my experiences, life hack, product finds, beauty and fitness tips with my followers, with the hope of inspiring them to live their lives in their BEST Version....at ANY age. Whether it's unboxing and reviewing the latest skincare products, creating detail, informative content for awareness or acting out trending skits and reels, I'm always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to engage and relate to audiences to inspire, educate, and entertain.

- Sham

Hand Drawn Heart


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Brands Ive worked with:

- Super Label Store

- Solawave

- EverBella

-Sidney Sleep

-leaps and ReBounds

- Shes Waisted

- Black Wolfe

- Urban Intellectuals

- MaxiClimber

Vive Health

- Go Pure

- Breezers


  • Product Demo
  • GRWM
  • Tutorials
  • Voice overs
  • Product Reviews
  • Unboxing
  • Travel Vlogs
  • Trendy Skit & Reels


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UGC Videos

1 video ............ Starting at $150

3 videos ......... Starting at.$400

5 videos ........ Starting at $650

1 video + 2 hooks .............. Starts at $225

3 video + 2 hooks .............. Starts at $500

5 videos + 2 hooks ............ Starts at $750

5 videos + 3 hooks+ 5 Photos ............ Starts at $975


Raw Footage ............. 30% of Base

Paid Ad Usage ............ 20%

Additiona Hook/CTA ....... $50

ugc pHOTOS

5 Photos.............. Starts at $75

10 Photos............ Starts at $125

15 Photos............ Starts at $200

Prices subject to change without notice. Need a quote + Bundle Deals? Please email me.